Contest Contrast Challenge Alternative Contest effect Interdisciplinary Multi-disciplinary Literature synthesis Lack of empirical insight/mostly conceptual to date Poor reporting Not defined/tested/examined Scarce Rare Ignored/ignores Have not been addressed Relatively unexplored Scant Understudied Little guidance Unanswered question Have paid less attention Does not show Shortage of research Gone unnoticed Missing/missed Only a few exceptions First time/look First study Not attempted Little understood Little written Only identified a [low number] of studies Paucity Lack of research Dearth Still know very little Yet to uncover Research largely silent Only scratch the surface Paid little attention Absence of work Little/limited evidence/work Unlike previous studies Not evident Non-existent Lack of focus In its infancy No studies Not yet specified Yet to be uncovered Only just begun Overlooks Relatively little attention Underutilized Not explored Still lacking/lacks Limited consideration Unrealized opportunity Insufficiently acknowledged Sparse Shortfall Needs to be elaborated further Lacuna Not found Further clarification Not firmly established Conflicting evidence/views Contradiction/contradictory Not explored systematically Remains unclear Not sufficiently conceptualised Do not agree Limited/no agreement Underdeveloped Fragmented Controversy/controversial Inconclusive Lack of clarity Whilst some studies…others.. Increasing concern Inconsistency Seek deeper understanding Modest support Dispute/disputed At odds with Disparity Few studies address Contradictory or inconsistent findings Mixed findings Literature is divided Clarify Poor understanding More complete understanding [needed] Argument Not fully understood Ongoing debate Need for deeper understanding Past studies mistakenly… Requires further development/investigation Inadequately explained Extensions of earlier work Change of focus Different paradigm Stretches theory Patterns new to existing theory From a different side of a dyad Problem from a different agents perspective New Context Spotting Differentiated Replication Different point of view Compliments Extends understanding Compliments previous studies Not been systematically examined Extends framework Extend extant research Differentiated replication Confirmation Systematic review Narrative review Conventional review Meta-analysis Confusion Spotting Neglect Spotting Replicatory Contributions* Confirms Using Multiple Lenses Semantic Strategies Used in Claiming Academic Contribution(Scientifically Interesting) Data: | Designed by: PK Assumption Challenging Incremental Contributions Replicatory Contributions * Consolidatory Contributions Differentiated Context Contributions Relevatory Contributions Color Key: * replicatory contributions includei) close replication and, i) exact replication Systematic Review Traditional Review Meta-Analysis